In light of Thanksgiving, I have been thinking a lot about gratitude lately. And I am beyond grateful for The Legend of Zelda, as I believe all of you are as well. I’m grateful for the life lessons I often take to heart as I play through the empowering stories, I’m thankful for the memorable characters and epic adventures, and I’m especially grateful for the little inklings of confidence I gain when I hear the puzzle solve jingle–it never gets old.

But when I consider what game I am most grateful for, I have to go with Ocarina of Time, because it’s the first game in the series I played. I was hooked the moment I saw that title screen with Link riding Epona back in 1998, and I have been adventuring with Link and Zelda ever since. I’ll always be eternally grateful for that iconic masterpiece.

What about you? Which Zelda game are you most thankful for? Be sure to tell us why! Happy Thanksgiving!

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