Especially this past year, we’ve all experienced a slight dissociation with time, where several hours pass like the blink of an eye or maybe just thirty minutes seems so dauntingly long. It all depends on if what is happening before us captures our attention, whether or not it makes us forget that time is passing, or if it has us feeling that the horrible thing will last forever.

There are definitely dungeons across the Zelda series that do both things when I go through them, even on repeat play-throughs. Perhaps some dungeons are really just shorter or longer, or easier or harder, but there are places like Arbiter’s Grounds in Twilight Princess where, despite a length I cannot measure due to my bias, I enjoy the experience so much that the time just flies by. However, the reverse is also true, that there are dungeons that felt like walking through molasses just to get to the final boss room.

The dungeon that screams that for me is the Water Temple in Ocarina Time. It isn’t overtly hard; it’s just time-consuming and aggravating considering how many times I had the change the water levels and how many times I had to go into the menu to select the Iron Boots. If it weren’t for The Water Temple in Ocarina of Time, I would replay that game a lot more often.

What do you think? What dungeon seemed the slowest to complete? Are there dungeons in the same game that you like a lot better? Let us know in the comments below!

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