As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches for those of us in the US, grocery parking lots fill up, store shelves dramatically empty of stock baking items, and the more chaotic elements of the holiday season begin to make their annual appearance. I am looking very much forward to sitting down with my family for our yearly feast of personal classic favorites like turkey, ham, mac and cheese, green beans, and sweet potato casserole. However, I have to admit there’s a lovely escapism to forgetting about the work that actually goes into making these dishes, and instead fantasizing about all the potential foods that could make it onto the table if all I had to do was dream them up. Video games provide wonderful fodder for foods that absolutely look amazing.

While not every Zelda game features a wide array of tantalizing food items, the series has provided its fan community with a variety of dishes to try. So, how about it? Which Zelda dishes would make for the ideal Thanksgiving day menu?

The first dish I thought of was actually Yeto’s Superb Soup from Twilight Princess. I can’t think of a better fall dish than this cheesy, pumpkiny concoction, although personally I would probably skip the Reekfish and opt for a chicken or vegetable broth base instead. I’m also a big fan of homemade eggnog during the holidays, so a nice glass of Chateau Romani from Majora’s Mask — inebriating effects and all — sounds like a perfect addition to the menu. Finally, since there are so many possible dishes to pick from Breath of the Wild, here are a few of my picks for my dream Thanksgiving table: Herb Sauté, Salmon Risotto, Fish Pie, a Roasted Whole Bird… and maybe even a Monster Cake!

Now I’m getting a little carried away, but I can’t help it! Food is on the mind!

What about you? Which Zelda dishes would make it onto your coveted fantasy Thanksgiving (or just because!) menu? Let us know down in the comments below!

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