The Legend of Zelda series is an expansive smorgasbord of different races, each with their own culture and traditions. There are the Gorons with their stone habitats and rock hard foods, the Rito have their energetic music and flying games, and the Gerudo have their own training facilities and strict rules, as well as many others. Now the question is not which race you could be a part of, but rather if you were dropped into Hyrule right now to live, which culture would you want it to be?

This is a tough one for me because I would love to just pick and choose bits and pieces from all over. If I have to choose only one however, I would have to go with the Zora. I would love living in such a calm environment, listening to the chill music, maybe playing a literal bass guitar myself, and feeling the cool spray of the river on my face in the morning. I also like to swim, so learning from experts at it would be quite a treat!

So what do you think? What culture would you like to be a part of in Hyrule? Let us know in the comments!

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