Twilight Princess is one of the more dynamic games in the Zelda series. The game offers a vast land to explore with unique dungeons and boss encounters. Boss fights are challenging and memorable but, what about the mini-bosses? Those monsters that guard the special temple item are there to test Link for the upcoming boss.

In the Forest Temple is a more comedic mini-boss with Ook, a baboon infected by a small parasite. However, later in the game are more serious and intense mini-bosses such as Darkhammer and Darknut, with a strategic fight against tactical soldiers.

My favorite mini-boss of Twilight Princess is undoubtedly the Death Sword. The battle is innovative and requires Link to use his Wolf form as well as human. In this fight you have the option to use arrows, the Clawshot and even the Gale Boomerang to induce Death Sword into a vulnerable rage.  The Death Sword’s design is malevolent and eerie, with an iridescent body and classic skull head, fitting what a reaper of the forgotten desert would look like. As a whole, I think the Death Sword is the best mini-boss in Twilight Princess.

What is your favorite mini-boss in Twilight Princess? Let us know in the comments below!

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