Tingle, the green-garbed wannabe fairy, is one of the more recognizable side characters in the Zelda series. His three siblings, however, have made rarer appearances and garner far less recognition. Ankle, Knuckle, and David Jr. are all brothers to Tingle, but I imagine many fans know little about them. They’re most significant role is to transport Link between mini-games in Four Swords Adventure, one of the franchises’ least heralded entries. They can be optionally conversed with during a visit to Tingle Island in The Wind Waker and may never even be seen for their one secret in The Minish Cap. There isn’t a ton to know about them besides the colors of their leotards and the placement of their moles, but which of these secretive siblings should get more attention?

My vote would be for David Jr. His white, non-pastel outfit is the most striking of the group and he’s the only one not named after a sensation or a bone joint. In fact, his divergent moniker, coupled with the interesting history divulged by his figurine description, paint a richer background than even Tingle himself. David Jr. is not even technically related to the other brothers. While searching for the Ghost Ship once seen by his now-deceased father, he was shipwrecked and washed ashore on Tingle Island, already clothed in his new uniform. The unique history of David Jr. seems ripe for a series of spin-off games!

What do you think? Which Tingle sibling should get more screen-time? Let us know in the comments below!

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