Many of the side characters in the Zelda series are often beloved for their personalities rather than their backstory or character development, largely because they have such limited time onscreen. But with more recent Zelda games like Breath of the Wild taking the time to develop a rich backstory for many of the side characters as well as the main cast, I think Nintendo has enough experience with creating engaging stories to revisit some of their recurring characters and give them some much needed character development and histories. My first pick for the side character to have a unique and compelling backstory is Impa.

While Impa herself has evolved from being portrayed as a wise old woman to a strong, capable fighter (or a balance of both in Skyward Sword), there have been a lot of missed opportunities to give Impa a meaningful backstory. Her character has largely been shrouded in mystery, and as Zelda’s bodyguard and caretaker in most of the Zelda games, Impa’s role in the story is often limited to protecting the princess or giving Link valuable information. Occasionally, installments like Ocarina of Time  and Skyward Sword have hinted at her past and motivations, but I would love to see more of her personality and history in the games. What was her life like before she became Zelda’s bodyguard? Did she have to reconcile any of her former duties in the Sheikah Tribe before being tasked with protecting the Royal Family? Does she have any regrets from her past? Seeing more of who Impa is outside of the confines of her duty to the Royal Family would be great and contribute to her likability as an already awesome character. What do you think? If you could pick a side character to be given a backstory, who would it be? Let us know in the comments!

Feature art by kawacy

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