Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks were both games available on the DS. They were both considered sequels to The Wind Waker and were both done in the same art style. They also both featured a main dungeon you returned to many times throughout your journey. That said, they both approached this reoccurring dungeon very differently.

In Phantom Hourglass, the Temple of the Ocean King was the dungeon Link had to face time and again. Each time the player returned to this temple, they had to work their way further down, repeating all of the levels they had already passed in previous visits. In order to keep it fresh, the player was able to find new short cuts as they went, using items that had been obtained since the last time the player entered the temple.

Spirit Tracks took a different approach with the Tower of Spirits. Each time the player returned here, a new section of the tower had been added. Rather than having to go through all of the floors again, the player made their way up a central staircase, getting off at the newest floor. This approach meant that the dungeon never felt stale, but it took away from the fact that it was the same place Link was returning to again and again.

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Featured art from Nasakii

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