Spoiler Warning: The article below contains minor spoilers for the first couple hours of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It is possible the comment section could contain spoilers in both pictures and words. Please click at your own risk.

If there was a phrase I’d use to describe Tears of the Kingdom, it’s “déjà vu”. Despite the development team’s best efforts, there is sure a lot of Tears of the Kingdom that calls back to the opening of Breath of the Wild. From the similar, yet different tutorial segment, to the return of many collectibles from the first game, it’s not unusual to feel an odd sense of familiarity at the start of Tears of the Kingdom. Much as the original game did, after getting your initial matters squared away, you are given four potential leads to follow in each corner of the map. The game gently suggests you to go northwest towards Rito Village, but it’s perfectly content letting you go whichever direction you want. So which direction did you go?

I’ll admit, I actually went towards Rito Village after it was recommended by the game to do so. Talking with my friends, I’ve been finding I might have been the only person to do so. I’m glad I did though, I wound up starting quite a number of the lengthier side quests of the game by going that way. Not to mention the reward from resolving the Rito’s problems proved crucial for my later exploration efforts. I imagine all of this was likely why that location is gently nudged as a starting locale.

Conversely, I didn’t realize Robbie and Josha had a quest to follow until well into the game. I was quite roiled when I found doing it opened up a whole different area and an ability that would’ve made a whole lot of my navigating much easier. I really wish I’d done it sooner, but it has been fun to play with now that I have it.

What are your thoughts? Where did you go first? Do you regret it? Where would you have gone instead? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to put spoilers around anything that might spoil some surprises for other players!

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