Since the announcement of the upcoming Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, it’s clear that gamers will finally get a better glimpse of Hyrule 100 years prior to Calamity Ganon’s return.  This means that players can witness the ruinous locations from Breath of the Wild in all their glory.  It’s fair to say that this is something that will please fans to no end, as the outcry for the opportunity was heard well before the prequel was announced.

If you’re familiar with the map from Breath of the Wild, you will know just how vast it is.  There are plenty of locations to visit that are filled with the remains of towns and villages.  The map has been recreated for Age of Calamity, so we can look forward to seeing these locales in their prime.  Particularly, a recent Nintendo Treehouse livestream unveiled how Gerudo Town looked pre-Calamity, and it was interesting to see different stalls and wares that filled the streets.

If there is one place I’m really looking forward to seeing, it’s Lon Lon Ranch.  This was one of my favorite areas in Ocarina of Time, and from the looks of things, it’s return in Age of Calamity stays true to that version. It will be especially interesting to play through this location in the art style of Breath of the Wild.

So, which pre-Calamity location are you most excited to see in Age of Calamity? Let us know in the comments below!

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