Link’s family is not an often explored subject in The Legend of Zelda, so every time there’s a scent, we Zelda fans perk our ears up. It’s true that in most Zelda games the matter of family is left mostly unexplored but there are a few prime examples of mentions or even currently living caregivers.

Never have we seen Link’s paternal parents but Ocarina of Time reveals at least his mother was killed in the war. A Link to the Past shows some of Link’s extended family with his Uncle, who unfortunately doesn’t last too long. Again in The Wind Waker we meet Link’s wonderful grandma, a sweet old woman who loves to cook for her little green-capped sweetheart, as well as Aryl, Link’s younger sister who’s into birds and telescopes.

I’ve always wanted to meet more of Link’s family, either nuclear or extended. I always thought it would be neat to see more of Link’s siblings. I think it would give deeper insights into his upbringing and could be a good opportunity for some awesome side quests.

What do you think? Which family members would you like to see make an appearance? Which would you like to see come back? Let us know in the comments!

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