This is one of the most obvious Daily Debate topics we’ve probably ever had at Zelda Informer. It’s also one that is hard to answer, as two superb limited edition bundles exist for Majora’s Mask 3D. Both are extremely different in what they offer, and both are in completely different areas of the world. In Europe, you can get a steel book (case), Majora’s Mask pin, and a double sided poster. In North America you will be able to get a statue of Skull Kid wearing Majora’s Mask. Both of these limited edition bundles are pretty neat, which sets the stage for today’s debate. Which one do you prefer?

Personally, I am estactic that my bundle option without importing is the Skull Kid statue. As much as I like the other offer, I can easily find fan made pins and posters, but it’s rare to find a high quality figure, especially at the given asking price. Still, I know others prefer the other bundle for their own reasons. Which would you rather have if given an option?

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