Information pertaining to the sequel to Breath of the Wild seems come out bit by bit. Although the 2022 release date guarantees that the time between these spurts of information will decrease, we still don’t know a lot about the much-anticipated adventure. One of the things we do know, however, is that Hyrule Castle will be raised into the sky, and even higher are small islands that the protagonist – which we can only assume is Link – will traverse.

It comes into question whether or not those fragments of land were always there or if some of them rose up when the castle did, an incidental byproduct of Ganon wanting to be dramatic that, in turn, changes the over-world as well. If so, it may be that dungeons from earlier games may rise up from the ground, dungeons that at surface level were just ruins, but have multiple floors beneath that remain intact. Of course these dungeons that rise up could be entirely new, but there are a few remnants of old dungeons in Breath of the Wild that create some possibilities.

One of those dungeons is Arbiter’s Grounds from Twilight Princess, the weathered ruins of which located in Gerudo Desert. What was once a grand coliseum is now a few stones covered by what was likely a sandstorm, but perhaps what is left of Arbiter’s Grounds will rise up and result in an interesting structure to explore.

What do you think? Which dungeon would you like to see return? What new element or weapon would make it different? Are there other easter eggs you have noticed in Breath of the Wild? Let us know in the comments below!

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