The evolution of Link’s character design is always something that is worth bringing up for discussion purpose because of the quick transition from simple to complex design in a matter of years. The largest transition that was seen was obviously the design of A Link to the Past to Ocarina of Time due to the switch from 2D to 3D visuals. Many people love the iconic design of Link from Ocarina of Time, and for good reason; his visual design is very aesthetically pleasing but shows what a hero looks like too.

So for today’s debate, we are looking at our personal favorite design for Link’s character in any Legend of Zelda game. My personal favorite is the character from Skyward Sword, but not only the aesthetic parts of his design. Although this Link is pretty dopey, I really appreciate the relationship that he has with Zelda and how his friendship with her develops and gets stronger through overcoming obstacles. That alone makes him my favorite Link design ever, exceeding even the importance of his visual appearance.

Now we want to hear what your favorite Link design is! Let us know in the comments a story or a couple reasons why you like a certain Link design most, whether they be for purely artistic or aesthetic reasons or characteristic reasons. We would love to hear all you have to say as this is definitely a hot topic, and clearly very subjective since fans have many different experiences and stories about why they love (or don’t love) Link so much. So sound off in the comments with your story and let’s keep the discussion friendly as (nearly) always. Join the Daily Debate!

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