In every Zelda game, Link travels to the distant corners of Hyrule to explore dungeons, defeat the bosses, and then tackle the final boss with everything you’ve learned and obtained. And once you defeat the final boss, you’re thanked by Zelda and proclaimed as the Hero of Hyrule! But, why did Link originally begin his quest that led him to this moment? What was his original intention for doing what he did? Link’s intentions varies game by game so today, I ask you this: Which Link had the most noble intentions from the beginning of each game?

Do you think it was Skyward Sword‘s Link who wanted to save his best friend? Or, do you think it was The Legend of Zelda‘s Link, who saved Impa and resolved to stop Ganon? Or, maybe it was Ocarina of Time‘s Link, who had a vision and was told to warn Princess Zelda. With 18 official games to choose from, that means there are 18 different intentions, each of which could be seen as noble.

What do you guys think? Which Link had the most noble intentions? Discuss and debate in the comments below!

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