Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

When I think of items in the Zelda series, particularly Ocarina of Time, often enough the first one that comes to mind is the hookshot/longshot. From its overall usefulness throughout the game to it’s iconic status now as one of the most wanted items to be featured in new titles, the hookshot/longshot has cemented its history.

But not every item featured in Zelda games are as useful as others. Specifically, Ocarina of Time has a great many items that are completely optional and are very specific in their use. As an example, the hookshot can be used to stun enemies, grapple yourself to wood or hookshot posts, or even pull yourself or enemies to you! On the flip side, a cool item concept such as the Bombchu, an alternate version of a bomb that explodes after hitting an enemy/specific object or after crawling along after a certain amount of time. While it’s an interesting idea and there are a couple applications for it in the game, overall it’s not necessary in the game and has very little use outside of very specific circumstances.

So what say you, Zelda fans? Which item, piece of equipment, or spell is the most useless in Ocarina of Time? Remember, this is only factoring in regular playthroughs, not speedrunning usefulness! Let us know in the comments below!

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