My husband and I just bought our first house at the start of the Summer and one of the highlights of the property was having a cute little garden out front. I personally love plants, but I’ve never had much of a green thumb. I’m hoping that will change once I get things cleaned up and plant some new flowers though! I’ve always wondered though, if the flora of Hyrule were real which would I have in my garden or in a vase in my home?

We were introduced to a plethora of flora in Breath of the Wild and all of my picks come from that game. In my front garden I could see some Blue Nightshade mixed with some Silent Princess for a section of blue, and for some contrast maybe some Swift Violets and Electric Safflina. I love having lots of flowers in a garden so I could see my front garden being very colorful, and maybe even changing with the seasons.Maybe if I were lucky I’d see an oddball flower too in the form of a hidden Korok wanting to play a game. I could see myself picking some Silent Princess and setting them in a vase on our kitchen table too.

I want to hear your thoughts though! Which Hylian plants would you keep inside your home or growing in your garden? Let us know in the comments below.

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