Bombs are a staple object in the Zelda series. Despite them making regular appearances, many games have a slightly different take on these weapons. Breath of the Wild had round and square bombs, but more than that, you had an unlimited supply. Skyward Sword allowed you to pick up bombs from flowers as you went. Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask featured a simple bomb bag that you were able to make bigger as your journey progressed. Twilight Princess also had a lot of innovation. Not only were you able to expand your bags, but you could get three of them! Which worked perfectly with the three types of bombs in the game.

For me, being able to pick bombs up at any flower beats everything else. Having multiple bags in Twilight Princess is great, but after you spend 15 minutes breaking pot after pot hoping for some bombs, that Skyward Sword pick up option is just too tempting to pass up.

Which of these games do you think has the best set up? Or maybe you don’t like any of them and have your own idea of what your ideal bomb bag would be like. Either way, let us know in the comments below.

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