Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess, and even Minish Cap all had a transformation aspect in their game. They all did it a little differently as well.

Minish Cap had a simple set up. Rather than changing form, you shrunk down to a minuscule size, enabling you to use mouse holes to get through walls and up vines. You could only make this transformation when you found a portal, meaning there were only certain areas you could explore in either size. Twilight Princess had you changing into the shape of a wolf for parts of the game. For most of the game, when you were a wolf wasn’t a choice the player made. You were a wolf in the twilight portions and a few choice sections when light had returned to Hyrule. It was only until at least halfway through the game when you were given the chance to switch forms whenever you wanted.

Majora’s Mask had the most options about when to switch and what forms to transform into. There was a section of the game where you were forced into a Deku body, but after that you could switch back to normal any time you wanted. Then you were able to add Goron, and later Zora forms to your collection as well.

Which game do you think utilized transformations best? Let us know in the comments below. Personally? I’m partial to the range and freedom Majora’s Mask allows you, but each game has it’s pros and cons.

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