Last year, we facilitated a very active debate about the best version of Link. With all the colorful responses we saw for that debate, we wish to examine another certain Triforce wielder, the one who acts as the namesake for the entire Zelda series. Princess Zelda no doubt serves an active role throughout the games, but some versions of this heroine are more defined than others. With the many different renditions of the Zelda’s character we’ve seen, it’s now time to decide which one was the absolute best.

I can see this debate going in several different directions. The Princess Zelda of Ocarina of Time was a strong, independent character (even though her actions were deferred to the secret identity of Sheik), the Zelda of Skyward Sword was a well-developed and likable love interest (maybe), and the Princess of Minish Cap was a relatable childhood friend. Some titles even establish Zelda as a very helpful ally in Link‘s adventure, such as in Spirit Tracks where Zelda’s ghostly form is used to guide and aid our hero.

I can see a popular choice for this debate being Tetra from Wind Waker. While not completely Princess Zelda (at least not initially), Tetra is still very much a version of the Princess seen in other games. What separates Tetra from other Zeldas is that she has so much personality and growth in her game; she’s sassy, sarcastic, and altogether lovable. With all these great character traits, it’s a shame her character steps back a bit from the game’s action when she eventually embraces her role as Princess Zelda. To me, Tetra became a bit bland in the final few hours of Wind Waker.

But it is your turn to decide. Which version of Zelda do you see as the best? Which traits make that version such a strong character? Join the Daily Debate!

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