The Zelda universe has been bringing fans together into the realm of the Hero for over thirty years now. With so many titles across generations of gaming systems, players keep coming back with every new game, seeking more of the series they know and love. But, we all started somewhere, with that one game that hooked us, right?

I remember I was six years old, with absolutely no experience in video games whatsoever. Yet, they seemed like fun, and I had been wanting to try them. I sat on the couch, gleefully unwrapping a present from my family with all the excitement a child could muster, for I had already caught a glimpse of the grey, weighty brick-like machine inside.  My brand-new Game Boy, the original model. And in the next box, a small game cartridge with all the promise of great adventure that I sought. That game’s name? The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

And it all spilled out from there.

What about you? Which game really brought you into the universe of Zelda, made you a fan, and kept you coming back for more? Let us know in the comments below!


Featured image, “The Windfish,” by Pertheseus.

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