The Zelda series is chock full of enemies, and some of them easily defeated, while others can give the player a hard time.  While the type of enemy often determines how difficult it is, there are other elements that can cause you to struggle for the win.  It’s for those reasons that fans around the world will have differing opinions as to which enemy is the most difficult to beat.

Firstly, we should take the enemy’s environment into consideration.  The perfect example of this is Bongo Bongo, the Boss from Ocarina of Time.  Personally, I’m pretty confident in beating this guy but that took a lot of practice.  This particular battle takes place atop Bongo Bongo’s drum though, and it’s exactly that which makes me struggle.  The lack of control over Link’s feet on the ground is a complete curve-ball for me!

Secondly, there are some enemies that just make the player freak out.  Take Dead Hand for example; that thing really is the stuff of nightmares!  Dead Hand is another monster that appears in Ocarina of Time and it’s presence can really unnerve you.  The way it’s many hands grasp for you, and it’s gaping mouth reaches to consume you, is just a little too much for some people.

Lastly, strategy plays the biggest part in how difficult an enemy is to defeat.  A prime example of this comes from the Lynels in Breath of the Wild.  These guys have a number of different attacks, both ranged and melee.  They can charge you down, body slam, shoot fireballs, teleport and more.  Who could blame the player for struggling to keep up with such an onslaught of attacks?  These guys require strategic battle and a plan of attack, so if that isn’t your style, you’d better run!

So, with all of this in mind, which enemy from the Zelda series do you think is the most difficult to beat?  Let us know in the comments below!

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