This week at Zelda Dungeon, we’re focusing on the many companion characters that have made an appearance in The Legend of Zelda. From Navi to Fi, each of us has had companions that we liked more than others. In the same way, each of us has had companion characters that we despised.

No matter how we felt about any given companion character, each of them, unfortunately, left Link behind at the end of the game, and some in sadder ways than others. While some goodbyes were acceptable, such as Tatl returning to Skull Kid, others, such as the King of Red Lions drowning at the bottom of the sea, were far more sad. On the other hand, if you disliked Navi or Fi, you might have been pleased to see them leave at the end of their respective games.

So, which companion character’s farewell impacted you the most? Were you especially sorry to see someone go? Or were you glad that one of them was no longer in the picture? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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