The Champions of Breath of the Wild certainly made their marks in the hearts of fans, just as they lent their lives to the kingdom of Hyrule. Each Champion embodied the best of the best of their people, and brought it all to the front lines in the fight against Calamity Ganon. Each one of them stood out and on their own, embodying different personalities that fans could enjoy – or not enjoy – and sometimes even relate to.

Today, I want to talk about that last part: the Champions we relate to. Who sported the qualities that we most identify with, as well as what we bring out in our daily lives. Perhaps some of you relate to Mipha: gentle, loving, and determined. Or maybe you are more like Revali: proud and confident. Plus you know what you’re good at, and you don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Then there are those like Daruk: big, strong, and boisterous, with that brotherly attitude and bottomless appetite. And let’s not forget independent and fiery Urbosa, who stands on her own with a protective shield, as well as a sly grin.

So, who’s who? Which Champion do you most relate to? Let us know in the comments below!


Featured Image by treespeakart.

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