Ocarina of Time innovated the Zelda series in a lot of different ways, introducing recurring characters, items, concepts, and fun boss fights. Each boss fight throughout the game requires a level of strategy and creativity that, fortunately, persists throughout the rest of the Zelda series as well. Picking a favorite boss fight from such a good selection of enemies between Volvagia, Morpha, and Bongo Bongo is nearly impossible for me. So instead, I’d much rather focus on the creativity of each battle and how it unfolds and use that to decide the best boss fight. With this in mind, the one that I arguably find the most creative and well-designed is the fight against Phantom Ganon in the Forest Temple.

The fight with Phantom Ganon takes place in a spherical room that has multiple paintings on the wall. The Phantom hides within these paintings in order to ambush Link, and it’s up to the player to see through the illusion and take down the boss. In the second phase of the fight, Phantom Ganon floats and shoots the iconic electric ball of energy at Link, who in turn has to volley the energy back to strike Ganon. It’s a neat way of introducing the strategy to defeat the real Ganon, and it’s a tactic I haven’t seen many games introduce in such a creative and interesting way. What do you think is the most creative boss fight in Ocarina of Time? Let us know in the comments!

Feature art by Txikimorin

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