Breath of the Wild represented a new milestone for the Zelda series with the addition of proper voice acting. As charming as the basic grunts and unintelligible speech of characters such as Midna and Fi are, it was refreshing to see the series experiment with traditional performances — even if it was restricted to only a handful of characters. Baby steps, people.

Like I said, there’s something inherently endearing about Zelda’s approach to voice acting in games past. That said, the prospect of hearing professional voice actors breathe new life into some of my favorite personalities sure does sound exciting. If Nintendo were to take up the incredibly unlikely task of re-releasing every Zelda entry with full-fledged voice work, then who would you like to hear as your favorite character?

Admittedly, when imagining Midna’s voice, my mind can’t help but turn to similar characters from video games and anime. Cassandra Lee Morris’ playful turn as Morgana in Persona 5, for instance, gave off some serious Midna vibes. Alternatively, Lauren Landa is one of the most versatile voice actresses I’ve heard in recent memory, capturing the cold, distant demeanor of Attack on Titan’s Annie, as well as the mischievousness of Madoka Magica’s Kyoko.

Again, though, who would you most like to hear as your favorite Zelda character? Have you been dying to hear a particular thespian — either a Hollywood big-shot or a trained voice actor — lend their talents to the series? Let us know in the comments below!

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