One of life’s greatest mysteries (exaggerating here) is how we have gotten Switch ports of Mario Kart and Pokken Tournament, but no port of Super Smash Bros 4. Although it hasn’t been announced yet, I’m still fairly convinced that it’s coming. Or who knows, maybe Smash 5 is just right around the corner.

Either way, the Zelda series could use a shakeup in Smash. The same characters have been repping the Zelda series since Melee, and there hasn’t been a really great stage since Temple. Focusing on stages, what area from Breath of the Wild would make a good battleground for Link and his friends?

With many options to choose from, it seems hard to narrow it down. The wrecked Hyrule Castle Town? Maybe atop a Divine Beast? At the dragons lair in Mount Lanayru? Any of the other ruins? Let us know what you think would be cool in the comments below!

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