Guys, I can’t let this go. As much as I wish I could just accept the timeline placement of Breath of the Wild, it just felt so shoehorned. And, while I don’t necessarily need the timeline to enjoy the games, certain games feel like they fit together. Sure, I can connect Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and Twilight Princess, but do I really need to connect Spirit Tracks to Oracle of Seasons? Anyway, I still felt a bit let down by Breath of the Wild’s placement – at the end of each timeline? Ok, cool… Sounds lazy, but…


Where we believe it to be? It’s up to our imagination?

Oh. Well. This opens new doors. And these doors, I can actually appreciate. Leaving it up to fans to think about the game, all the ins, outs, and upside-downs, and everything they know about the series is actually a smart move on Nintendo’s part. It allows for each fan to personally connect to the game, to give it his or her own spin. To maybe fill in a blank or two left unfilled before.

Ok. I can get behind that.

And now I want to hear your thoughts. Thinking about all you know, all you have seen and done in the game, where do you place Breath of the Wild in the timeline? Let us know in the comments below!

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