Zelda Theorizing has always fascinated me. Around the web I’ve taken part in many Zelda Theorizing debates, and hope to take part in more in the future. From all the debates I’ve participated in, there have always been some topics I particularly enjoyed theorizing on compared to others. One such topic for me was debating on the origins of The Dark Interlopers mentioned in Twilight Princess.

The Dark Interlopers once inhabited the Light Realm. Led by greed, they entered the Sacred Realm in an attempt to dominate it (presumably by claiming the Triforce). However, the Light Spirits of each region of Hyrule intervened by order of the goddesses. The Dark Interlopers were banished into the Twilight Realm, and became known in time as the Twili. We know what became of the Dark Interlopers, but their origin is left to wide interpretation. I’ve seen theories that they are related to the Ancient Tribe mentioned in Majora’s Mask. Probably the most popular theory is that a schism occured within the Sheikah Tribe, and The Dark Interlopers were the corrupt sect that branched off.

Where do you all think The Dark Interlopers originated from? Did they branch off from the Sheikah? Are they related to the Ancient Tribe that created Majora’s Mask? Or do you have a different theory on their origins? Let us know in the comments below!


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