From the Money Making game from the original Legend of Zelda to Breath of the Wild‘s multitude of mini games, the Legend of Zelda series has given us quite a few distractions on our journey to save Hyrule (Or Termina, Holodrum, Lorule, Labrynna, Hytopia, etc…). While most mini games resulted in a rupee reward, there were quite a handful that would reward the player with Heart Pieces or Item Upgrades to help incentivize the player. However, with all these options, that just begs the question: Which one is the best? And, more importantly, why?

My question for you all today is this: What is your favorite mini game in the Zelda series? Personally, mine would have to be Skyward Sword‘s Rickety Coaster, which was both frustrating and fun at the same time for me. But what do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below!

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