In 2000, our beloved Zelda series took on a whole new face when duo-under-one-moniker Akira Himekawa released their manga adaptation of Ocarina of Time to Japan.  Meant to be a brand new adaptation of the story and characters – with a few liberties taken, of course – this manga, though not considered part of the canon universe, still garnered an overall positive response and calls for more.  And Himekawa answered.  Now, here we sit nearly twenty years later, and Himekawa have given new spins to nine, going on ten Zelda stories, with their most recent being their still-in-progress retelling of Twilight Princess.

I cannot deny, after discovering the beauty and wonder that is Book Off in Japan, I tracked down seven issues of the manga and became an absolute fan girl.  No shame here, folks.  I have enjoyed seeing a different interpretation of my favorite series, and Himekawa have done wonders to tell the same stories in unique ways.  Even the characters seem to have new life in the manga; some sport arguably more characterization than they did in the games…  Plus, I mean, ultimately, who cares if they aren’t canon, they’re pretty and I love them!  But if I have to choose, I think my favorite would have to be Ocarina of Time, if for nothing else than the character of Nabooru.  She’s hilarious.

So, which Akira Himekawa manga adaptation of a Zelda game is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments below!

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