Link is often associated with the iconic Master Sword that he wields to smite evil in the Zelda games, but the series has also included a variety of upgraded swords that Link can use. Some of these upgrades are mostly cosmetic, but there are a number of upgrades that increase Link’s range or strength. Some of the upgradeable options for Link’s primary weapon of choice include:

  • Level 2 Sword: upgraded from the Sword in Link’s Awakening.
  • Noble Sword: upgraded from the Broken Sword in Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons.
  • Biggoron’s Sword: upgraded from the Giant’s Knife in Ocarina of Time.
  • Gilded Sword: upgraded from the Razor Sword in Majora’s Mask.

All of these swords feature a unique design and range in utility as well, with some even requiring extensive trading sequences in order to acquire them. The fact that both the Level 2 Sword and Noble Swords shoot Sword Beams is an awesome feeling, but since I am far from a talented Zelda player, playing these older games and being at full health during an entire boss fight was something that almost never happened. I’ve never been fond of the two-handed blades either, so as cool as Biggoron’s Sword is, swinging that thing around at such a slow pace made it hard to fight effectively.

If the Razor Sword didn’t break after 100 uses, it would probably be my favorite since it looks so cool, but based on utility, the Gilded Sword from Majora’s Mask is my personal favorite. Not only is the blade’s design distinct, but it’s powerful, gives Link a little more range in combat and, most importantly, is still in Link’s inventory when he time travels. For me, it’s the perfect blend of looking cool while still being incredibly useful. What do you think? What is your favorite sword upgrade in the Zelda series? Let us know in the comments!

Feature art by Doctor-G

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