Today is Zelda’s 35th anniversary, and for many of us, the Zelda series has been a formative experience growing up. As kids, we grew up exploring magical worlds, defeating evil, and saving the princess. The series is chockfull of charming characters, powerful stories, and memorable music that sticks with fans long after they beat the game.

For me, my favorite memory is playing The Wind Waker foe the first time. I was around nine years old at this point and the bulk of my experience with Zelda was just exploring and talking to NPCs. Prior to this, I hadn’t actually tried to play through the game’s story, it wasn’t even a thought that crossed my mind. So when my brother offered to start a new save file so I could experience the game’s story, it sort of blew my mind. I absolutely loved the way it unfolded and Link’s journey to rescue his sister before being caught up in something more sinister. It was amazing, and I always think back on the game fondly.

What about you? What is your favorite nostalgic memory from the Zelda series? Let us know in the comments!

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