Growing up with the Zelda series, as many of us have, can be an incredible experience. Games like The Wind Waker, Minish Cap, and Ocarina of Time absolutely defined my childhood; and this might be one of the main reasons that I still treasure the series so much to this day, and why it remains by favorite video game series by far. The nostalgia that surrounds the Zelda series for tons of its fans, like with many other Nintendo games, is just one of the things that makes the series even stronger. And inevitably, it makes for thousands of hilarious or adorable childhood stories to tell about the Zelda games.

I suppose there isn’t much to contribute to the conversation here, as it’s pretty clear what we mean when we ask for stories—generally, we just want to hear your favorite memories with the Zelda series, either from now or from when you were a kid—so I guess the best course of action would just be to tell you all my personal story, and for you guys to share your own.

Around the time that Twilight Princess was released, I was already a huge fan of the series. Twilight Princess had already been out for a few weeks, and my entire family had been dying to play it, especially with our neighbors playing it and discussing it endlessly.

So, on the day of my First Confession—in case you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a Catholic ceremony, where you’re finally old enough to confess your sins unto God and be forgiven for them for the first time. It’s a really big deal for us, and it’s celebrated immensely—I remember that, after leaving the Church to a small park outside, I couldn’t find my mother, so I found her purse on a table nearby and looked inside for some candy.

And amazingly enough, there it was in the purse; a brand new copy of Twilight Princess. I nearly died from excitement, and immediately ran around looking for my mom to thank her, amazed that she’d gotten me such an awesome present for my First Confession. And when I did find her, she had absolutely no idea that I was talking about or what that game was. As it turns out, it wasn’t my mother’s purse; it belonged to my Sunday School teacher. She’d just bought the game for her son on a trip to the U.S., as it was his birthday that day and he’d been dying to own the game for ages.

So, essentially, I’d just accidentally stolen a brand new, very expensive copy of Twilight Princess from my Sunday School teacher that she’d gotten for her son’s birthday on the day of my First Confession.

So, what’s your favorite nostalgic story with the Zelda series? What did you think of my amazingly embarassing tale? Let us know in the comments below, as we’re really excited to see all your stories!

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