We’ve all been there. In the middle of an epic match, items falling from the sky, you’re so focused on slamming on your enemies you don’t see the Beetle behind you…and skyward you go.

There’s a whole armoury of really fun items to use on your foes in Smash, but life-ruining to be used on. The newest item, the Cuckoo, is comical and fun to rain rampant, raging roosters across the field but the worst to be smashed by. Skyward Sword (some would say aptly) gave us a pair of the most rage inducing items to be felled by, the aforementioned Beetle and the baleful Gust Bellows that can push you off the stage as you’re helplessly shunted away.  It’s also never fun when after a long time wailing on your foe, a Heart Container spawns to undo all your butt kicking.

But what’s caused you the most rage? What’s your most embarrassing loss? Or are you a Smash purist, who’s never had to worry about something as lowbrow as a Deku Nut mid fight? Let us know in the comments below!

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