So far, one of my favorite additions to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the recently announced Spirits system. Through this, hundreds of Nintendo characters — both popular and obscure — can lend their strength to the game’s massive fighting roster. Some can be equipped to increase a fighter’s attack power, while others grant special abilities such as falling immunity and starting the battle with a particular item.

Spirits are looking to be not only a terrific way to represent seemingly every Nintendo character who’s ever existed, but also a more practical replacement for trophies and stickers. Throughout both Spirits Mode and the game’s World of Light adventure mode, players will duke it out with a variety of fighters who have been possessed by various spirits. Each spirit possesses a fighter who kind-of-sort-of resembles them, with each battle sporting its own unique conditions.

For instance, one of the most creative spirit battles I’ve seen so far is one in which Skyward Sword’s The Imprisoned controls King K. Rool. On the surface, that seems like kind of a stretch, right? The battle itself, though, shows the player fighting a giant, black K. Rool who’s being aided by the Ghirahim assist trophy on the Gerudo Valley stage. It’s this kind of attention to detail that just has my imagination running wild with all sorts of ideas for potential spirit-fighter combinations.

I mean, you already know what I’m going to suggest. Thankfully, this page on the game’s website already confirms the existence of both a Wolf Link and Midna spirit and a standalone Midna spirit. How would they work, though? How about by fighting a variant of Star Fox’s Wolf on the Bridge of Eldin stage with the Midna assist trophy helping him out?

What about a Tingle spirit who possesses Young Link and grants him higher jumping range as a reference to Tingle’s love for balloons? Here’s another one: a Daruk spirit who possesses Donkey Kong and — as a nod to Daruk’s Protection — allows DK to shift into metal. Those definitely aren’t the most inventive ideas, but the fact that something like that is now possible in Smash is so exciting.

What about you, though? What Zelda spirits would you like to see in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and how would they work? Let us know in the comments below!

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