I have currently been reading through the Twilight Princess manga adaptation, and I have been so in love with the artwork and the expansion of the story. I already loved Twilight Princess, but the manga has made me appreciate it so much more. I am very close to finishing the fifth volume and will certainly blaze through the sixth. The seventh is releasing later on in August, but the closer I get to finishing this wonderful adaptation, it makes me wonder, what Zelda game should be adapted next?

If you are unfamiliar with the Zelda manga I suggest you flip through a copy next time you visit your local bookstore that carries manga. A lot of the games that have been adapted are nicely combined into one book. The manga is a wonderful expansion, if you will, on our favorite Zelda stories and feature beautiful artwork and writing. I would love to see The Wind Waker adapted for manga, and even more so Breath of the Wild. I think Breath of the Wild would fit the artist for Twilight Princess, Akira Himekawa’s art style. The Wind Waker, being more cartoon-y in nature, would really fit for manga too. It would be the most different as far as styles go, but I say this having not read the The Minish Cap or Phantom Hourglass adaptation. I would just love to have more Zelda to read! I’m an avid reader, and I love manga. I just love that it gives the story new life and a new way to experience it. I really hope that more Zelda games become adapted over time.

Do you enjoy the Zelda manga? Which game would you like to see adapted next? Sound off in the comments below.

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