Today’s Daily Debate is a very simple one: What Zelda game are you most thankful for?

Today is Thanksgiving, a day where we give thanks for everything that makes our lives great, and though for most people that means family and friendship and memories, for us here at Zelda Informer, we can’t help but give thanks for Zelda, the series that sparked most of our childhoods, the games that helped us through some truly awful times. For a lot of us, Nintendo, or Zelda specifically, have been hallmarks of our entire lives, and they’ve helped us immensely through everything.

I, personally, am infinitely grateful at the huge influence that Nintendo has had on my childhood. The nostalgia I have for this series is undeniably huge, but with good reason: never in my life has any piece of media had such a huge impact on me as Nintendo games. When I was first learning English in school, I was trying to learn to read by watching my family play the first Animal Crossing. I distinctly remember staying up all night at my neighbor’s house finishing Ocarina of Time for the first time, and how intense and amazing it was when we actually reached the final boss of the game. And I remember when the first Smash and Mario Kart 64 were released and my entire family completely obsessed over those games for years, as we still do to this day.

But no other series has had as much of an impact as Zelda in my life. Games like Minish Cap and The Wind Waker completely defined my childhood and adolescence in every way, and they’re still some of my favorite games of all time because of this. Some of the greatest memories I have with my brother are the first time we played through Twilight Princess, and spent all summer in his room staying up until 3 in the morning every night, eating Cheetos, until we finished the game.

Generally, I don’t have any huge, hilarious stories to tell, as a lot of other people have, nor have I ever gone through particularly bad times, emotionally or physically or economically that Zelda has helped me get through in a spiritual sense. I’m just thankful that I grew up with the series, and that it’s had such a huge impact on my life ever since I was a kid. I realize that a lot of you have incredible stories to tell, and we’re hoping you guys will share them with us, and we’ll get to see how you love the series.

Mostly, we want to hear what you guys have to say. Now that it’s Thanksgiving, what are you most thankful for with the Zelda series? What game had the biggest impact on you as a kid? What are you the most nostalgic about? Let us know in the comments!

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