Tis the season to be jolly… and yet, maybe as a Zelda fan you’re not quite there. There are many ways to make any holiday season extra special for the Zelda fan in all of us, but what would really put this season, or any other holiday season, over the top for you? I’ve been running Zelda sites since 1998, and still not a single person has ever bought me something Zelda related for Christmas. In fact, because so few people gift me anything Zelda, most of my Zelda merchandise is free T-Shirts I get from various vendors. It would be nice for someone to remember how much I love this series this time of the year!

So today’s debate is… what would make this season a special one in terms of being a Zelda fan? Do you want your buddies all cosplaying? Maybe you want a new Zelda game under the tree? Maybe all it takes is a special wink and a sweet engagement ring, all the tune of Zelda music? Heck, maybe it’s just all about that hot chocolate with a little Navi inside. What does it take to make this holiday season extra special in that Zelda sort of way for you?

Oh, and happy holidays from all of us at Zelda Informer!

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