Breath of the Wild has made such an impact on The Legend of Zelda series, particularly with the open world concept. The gigantic world of Hyrule is littered with secrets of all sorts and sizes. Among the many hidden objects are the Koroks, a collectible of much debate in the Zelda community. In my experience, players either love or hate lifting a boulder, hoping for a Hightail Lizard and instead are greeted with the telltale “Yahaha!” of a woodland tree child. For the most part, people seem to wish either for less quantity or less obscure hiding spots.

The first DLC pack, The Master Trials, tried to address this problem by providing players with the Korok Mask, an item that sparkles when a Korok is nearby, functioning similarly to the Great Fairy’s Mask in Majora’s Mask. This mask can make the search slightly less tedious, but the player still has to be in close proximity to the Korok. Then they must still figure out what kind of puzzle to solve and where exactly it is.

I was one of those nuts who scoured the world and hunted down all 900 Korok seeds and loved (almost) every moment of it! My largest qualm with the search was that there was no good way to know where I had searched and where I had not. I think it would have been intuitive to have a simple counter on the map that tells the player how many Korok seeds are left in a region.

What kinds of things would have made Korok hunting easier or more enjoyable? What did you already like about hunting them down? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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