One of the more recent flavors of the month in entertainment has been the concept of escape rooms. What’s as thrilling as spending an hour or few trying to figure out how to avoid certain doom and get out of a nasty situation with your friends or some strangers? Though the idea of an escape room isn’t necessarily completely original, the popularity of films such as Saw have seen the rise in creation of said rooms for entertainment purposes.

Such rooms (or even entire buildings in the more elaborate versions) usually involve a group of people who must work together or by themselves to piece together clues and solve puzzles allowing them to progress. Some of these hints can be red herrings, while others are major solutions to getting the heck out of dodge. Generally speaking, the better you work with your group, the more likely you are to escape, though it can often be just as fun trying to do it by yourself.

With that being said, what if there were some Zelda themed escape rooms? How would you design it? What kind of puzzles and challenges might your victims face? Would you style it in the form of a dungeon or perhaps a shrine from Breath of the Wild? Let us know your fantastic designs in the comments below!

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