Ocarina of Time is one of the greatest video games ever made and has left such an imprint that the industry still feels its effects today. From introducing the Zelda world to 3D for the first time to revolutionizing gameplay mechanics such as Z-targeting that would be used for years to come, Ocarina shines out, even amongst recent titles. Picking a single moment in the game to crown as the best is therefore understandably difficult.

Whether you’re slowly ascending Ganondorf’s castle as his theme eerily grows in volume to discovering Sheik’s true identity, Ocarina never ceases to lay on the awesomeness. But part of playing a game isn’t just watching the events play out, but rather your own interaction with it. Perhaps the best moment wasn’t a cutscene at all! Was it when you finally defeated Ganon by plunging the Master Sword into his noggin? Maybe it was the first time you pulled the Master Sword from its pedestal and transcended time and space in a moment to find yourself seven years in the future.

Tell us Zelda fans! What was the best moment in Ocarina of Time?

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