Last week, Nintendo unveiled a new line of DIY construction playsets called Nintendo Labo. Choosing from a number of cardboard kits, one will be able to build his or her 3D toys, tools, and models. Nintendo Labo can also be combined with Nintendo Switch, as a player’s creations will come to life when paired with the Joy-Con and gamepad. It all sounds like a lot of fun for craft enthusiasts, but we’re still left to wonder what Nintendo Labo can bring to our favorite Nintendo franchises, especially The Legend of Zelda.

I believe that it’s only a matter of time before Nintendo announces a Zelda-themed Labo set. Perhaps Labo will allow fans to build their own replica Master Sword and Hylian Shield (I hope the materials are of higher quality than what we’ve seen so far though), and inserting the Joy-Con into the hilt and handle will let us play a sword-fighting minigame. I was never fond of motion controls in the Zelda series, but I wouldn’t mind a side game for the Labo in the same vein as Link’s Crossbow Training.

Additionally, I can see Nintendo releasing Labo kits that will let us build miniature versions of our favorite Zelda characters. We’d perhaps have a whole collection of Labo Zelda figures, including Link, Zelda, Tingle, and the rest. Obviously, the crude cardboard nature of Labo will limit the visual quality of such figures, but Nintendo might find a way to make them charming as only they can. Plus, Arby’s has shown how pretty Zelda paper craft can be on Twitter.

There are just a few ideas. What do you think Labo can bring to the Zelda series? Would you like to see Labo explore Nintendo’s biggest franchises? Join the debate in the comments below.

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