Throughout the Zelda series we have seen our hero Link hold a variety of professions. Our often sleeping hero has been a student at the knight academy, a ranch hand, an apprentice engineer, a blacksmith’s apprentice, and most recently in Breath of the Wild, the chosen knight of Princess Zelda. Link’s jobs have been fairly basic and fitting for the type of world that Hyrule is set in, but what else could Link do?

Upon writing this I was going to say blacksmith because I had never played A Link Between Worlds, but my next suggestion would be some kind of wood worker. Link’s great with a sword, so he would probably be great with an ax! Being able to build shelters, especially in an open world game, would make for great save points!

My second thought would be an animal trainer – horses, dogs (we all just want to pet the dog), or other exotic animals that roam about Hyrule. They could be his companions on his journey! These are just my thoughts, but I want to hear yours! What profession should Link have in a future Zelda game? Sound off in the comments below.

This Daily Debate was suggested by Discord user @Skip#7785.

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