Thanksgiving is finally here (American Thanksgiving, that is), a time for us to express appreciation for the many positive aspects of our lives. We each have so many things to be thankful for, but as Zelda fans, we can all agree to be particularly thankful for the release of Breath of the Wild earlier this year. The latest game in the series changed so much about the Zelda formula, brought so many new ideas to the table, and touted an astonishing degree of polish; it’s really something special. So before we sit down for a big Thanksgiving dinner, let’s share about the parts of Breath of the Wild that we’re most thankful for.

Beyond the mere fact that the game finally released this year, I am thankful for how open and non-linear Breath of the Wild is. As much as I’ve enjoyed some of the series’ more linear entries, I feel that The Legend of Zelda is finally moving in the right direction in terms of exploration and story progression. Breath of the Wild let me explore Hyrule at my own pace, tackle main story moments only when I wanted to, and discover secrets without restriction. I could travel anywhere as long as I felt I was prepared; the game didn’t hold my hand or put up barriers to stop my progress. That’s the shot in the arm that the Zelda series has needed, in my opinion.

I’m thankful that Breath of the Wild took the risks it did because the adventure I had was unforgettable.

What part of Breath of the Wild are you most thankful for? Let us know in the comments below!

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