From the mundane to the unorthodox, we see a variety of working-folks throughout the Zelda series. But which career path is right for you? Would you rather be a map salesman or run an “airshop”? Be a knight or mailman? Manage a chicken-based obstacle course or hunt bugs? Make potions or milk? The possibilities are endless. So let’s weigh the merits of the many jobs available to hard-at-work Hylians. 


There is no shortage of merchant opportunities in this fantasy world ranging from potion, to bomb, clothing, armor, food, clothes dye, lantern oil, pumpkins, fortune, and weapons sales. This role is probably best for a people-person who likes to strike up little conversations with strangers but has thick enough skin to deal with the many, let’s say colorful, personalities who may come by to shop.

Game Shop Operator:

Now this seems like fun! I grew up in New Jersey and always romanticized the idea of getting a summer job on the Boardwalk. That’s essentially what this is! Break the targets, win a prize. Catch a fish, win a prize. Open a chest, win a prize. I’ve always liked these shop owners as they seem like real cards, just quirky characters. Those of you who’d like to work in an unorthodox, creative industry might be interested in this. Or those who want to run a casino. Or dress as a clown and take care of cuccos.

Farm / Animal Services: 

Some of the best red heads and Mario brothers clones in the series are good old fashioned farmers. You may have to deal with some “visitors” if you raise cows, but every job has its occupational hazards. We’ve got cucco ladies, bug party hosts, horse trainers, sand seal wranglers, wolf riders, and dragon tamers. This is a good line of work for people who like nature or are animal lovers, of course. Patience and compassion are key. Can be tough day-to-day, but for the right people it’s absolutely worth it.


Inn-keepers galore, here. Sleepy hero Link gets to take a load off every now and then thanks to inn staff. Anju is a noteworthy one. I’m also looping in bar owners– and perhaps mail delivery and musicians because I didn’t give them their own categories. So for now, Telma and Mr. Barten are among the hospitality crew. Those who would be a good fit for mercantile work are also a good fit here, but a greater amount of business acumen may be a plus. 

Armed Services: 

Soldiers, soldiers, everywhere. If you are looking knight life, boy has Hyrule got it. You can be an official Hylian guard or defend your local community. You can even take to the seas if your boat has a canon on it. Think Link, Rusl, and the Chief Soldiers from Four Swords Adventures (gotta throw a bone to FSA, the diamond in the rough). I’m sure there are more options than solider or boat owner, so if this option appeals, let me know of other good examples from the games. Often physical prowess, loyalty, bravery, and perseverance are must-haves for these roles.

Trade Jobs:

Here, I’m thinking along the lines of carpenters. They are a notable presence in both Majora’s Mask (yelling at the mayor) and Breath of the Wild (building Link’s House and Tarrey Town). We also have some mechanics who repair robots, blacksmiths, and Link is practically a landscaper with all the grass-cutting he does. These jobs are going to require physical activity, personability, and some business sense in terms of bidding on projects and building a client base. 

Under-the-Table Work: 

This is a silly one, but some of the best jobs in Hyrule aren’t exactly legit. Tetra and her band of pirate mateys, for example. Even being Hero of Hyrule doesn’t hire or pay through traditional channels. Yiga Clan member is another perfect one for this. If you want something totally off the beaten path that might be quasi-illegal but give you family, glory, or the chance to save the world then under-the-table might be right the place for you.

I don’t doubt that I am missing a number of classic Zelda occupations (scholars, for one), so if a missing option feels like your dream job be sure to let us know below. For everyone else, hopefully this non-exhaustive list has something on it that tickles your fancy. Who knows, maybe this helped bring clarity to some high school seniors deciding whether to go to college, what to major in, or was useful to anyone considering a career change. 

What job is the best fit for you? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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