The Legend of Zelda series has prided itself on creativity. Each iteration of the series has had differing weapons and items to play with while you’re off saving Hyrule. Some have been staples of the series, carrying forward from past games; while others made only a brief appearance and then were never seen again.

From the Roc Cape, to the Hookshot, to the Cane of Somaria, to the tried and true Boomerang, many of these items have been part of their respective game’s theme or have introduced a new gameplay mechanic. Others serve as keys to puzzles and hidden treasures. All of them though have made their mark in the series.

Which brings us to today’s question: what new item would you like to see in the next Legend of Zelda game? The series has gone through a LOT of different items and weapons at this point. But if we think outside the box, there’s probably something new that we haven’t seen or experienced before. Which will be quite handy; it’s dangerous to go alone, after all.

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