Ever since the announcement of Majora’s Mask 3D, fans have been freaking out at the news of the changes that may be made to the game, especially now that we know about the amount of things that Nintendo’s talked about, like the fishing ponds, the changes to a certain boss fight, and the possible removal of loading times in Clock Town and other sections of the game.

The original game on the Nintendo 64 is, and always will be, one of my favorite games of all time, but I have to admit that there are heaps of problems with the game that have to be fixed, big and small. With the technological disadvantages of the time, and the short development time the game got, Majora’s Mask was far from perfect.

One of my biggest requests, which I assume that a lot of people will share, is that the saving system be completely overhauled. The one we have simply makes no sense; not only is it really inconvenient to have to save at the owl statues, these are incredibly unreliable and will be lost if your console goes off, making it very hard to stop playing the game halfway through a dungeon or a three-day cycle. Having to go back to the first day every time you want to confidently record your progress is a pace-breaking mess, and can discourage playing the game in small increments (I, for one, have been replaying the game in the past few weeks, but I’ve only been able to sit down to play for really long period of time when I have a day off, rather than in small sessions when I have free time, as I don’t want to leave anything half-done).

However, I can’t think of any specific way to fix it. What do you guys think would work, considering the time system, and the difficulties it brings to a saving system?

Another significant problem that should probably be attended to is the fact that you lose all your rupees and items every time you restart the game. While the bank plays a big role in the game as a cause of this, and it should be left in as a way to deposit large sums of money, I personally believe that losing your possessions by restarting the three-day cycle is a waste of time and effort. It may have just been added as a way to make the game a little more difficult, or to extend the play time, but at least in my opinion, it needs to be removed.

One addition I would love to see is a good way to skip ahead a few hours, without having to wait it out or skip ahead to the dawn or dusk of the next day. The way it is, you can only skip 12 hours at a time by playing the Song of Double Time on your Ocarina, making a large section of the sidequesting in the game a matter of sitting and waiting. Anju’s Grandmother gives you the option to skip ahead two hours by listening to a story, which is very useful, but this idea should be expanded upon, and given to Link as an ability that he can use wherever he wants, like through a song on the Ocarina. This would really help streamline the experience, and reduce the amount of waiting the player has to be put through.

There are a few other things that I can imagine should be fixed, but these are the three core problems with the game that could be easily fixed as far as I see it, so I’ll refrain from writing down any more.

What about you guys? What should be fixed with the game on the remake, outside of obvious updated visuals and controls? Do you agree about the few changes I propose? Is the game perfect the way it is? (Spoiler alert: no).

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