There’s no question that the Legend of Zelda series has a variety of fantastic music. From the classic Overworld theme that dates all the way back to the very first game, to the new Hyrule Castle theme from Breath of the WildAnyone who has played the series likely has at least one track that specifically stands out to them for one reason or another. Some tracks hold a special place in a player’s heart because of some type of attachment, such as a particular theme appearing in a player’s very first Zelda game. Other themes might stand out because they relate to something seen or experienced in a certain game, such as a character or place. On rare occasions, a new theme will emerge that rearranges or combines tracks that previously appeared in the franchise, creating a beautifully nostalgic feeling for players.

So what about you? What Zelda music stands out to you, and what makes it special? What value does it have for you? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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