A couple of years ago, Nintendo announced a project that would culminate in three amusement areas located at the Universal Studios locations in Japan, Hollywood, and Orlando, called Super Nintendo World. Last year, teasers were released for this attraction’s future opening and features in Osaka. Not only was I really excited, but it got me thinking about the possibilities of Nintendo-themed amusement parks.

I just recently returned from a vacation to Disneyland, and it got me thinking about it even more. While there is concept artwork of a “Zelda’s Kingdom” area with a possible theater area, I’d be interested to see if any rides and attractions based off of the beloved series are implemented, and in what way.

Nintendo has over 30 years worth of video games and nostalgia under their belt that could create some awesome experiences. For example, I would love for some Zelda-inspired rides to appear in any one of these amusement parks. There could be a Thunder Railroad-inspired roller coaster ride based around Spirit Tracks, or a water ride that follows Link’s journey in The Wind Waker.

Even beyond the rides, they can add shopping squares designed after Castle Town Market in Ocarina of Time. All of the merchandise there would be a black hole of profits with t-shirts, keychains, hats, and pins galore. Restaurants in the Zelda area would serve some of Link’s most delicious creations from Breath of the Wild. There could even be a unique area with the Master Sword in its pedestal surrounded by greenery and small animals like in A Link to the Past.

There are so many different ways for the Zelda lore to be implemented in a creative way, and I hope Nintendo runs with it. What would you want to see at Super Nintendo World? Let us know in the comments!

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